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Rail Travel to London

London's Train Stations


London is the hub of the UK’s rail network and has many stations. Which station you depart from is determined by your destination. Rail services in the UK are run by a set of private train operating companies. Most offer First and Standard class tickets and long journeys will always have catering facilities, although it may only be tea, coffee, and pre-packaged sandwiches. Don’t delay boarding your train as many now have automatic doors that shut up to a minute before departure. All mainline train stations also have tube stations.

The major mainline stations are:

  • London Waterloo
  • London Paddington
  • London Charing Cross
  • London Victoria
  • London Bridge
  • London Liverpool Street
  • King's Cross
  • London St.Pancras
  • London Euston

Which Station Do I Need?

For information on each train station's destinations, plus which have Tourist Information Centers, click on the links below.

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