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Clowns Church Service


Clown's Church Service in London
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About the Clowns Church Service:

The first Sunday in February is the annual clowns church service at Holy Trinity Church in Dalston, east London. Clowns attend a church service in memory of Joseph Grimaldi. The clowns usually perform for the public after the church service.

This has been an annual tradition since 1946. The service moved to Holy Trinity Church in 1959, and in 1967 permission was given for the clowns to attend in their costumes.


2014 Date and Time: 
Sunday 2 February 2014 at 3pm.
Arrive early as the Press photographers come out in force and take up a large section of the church.


Address: Holy Trinity Church, Beechwood Road, Dalston, London E8 3DY

Tel: 020 7254 5062

Nearest Train Station: Dalston Kingsland

Plenty of buses serve Dalston Junction. Use Journey Planner to plan your route by public transport.

Cost: The church service is free but donations are always welcome.


About Joseph Grimaldi:

Joseph Grimaldi is the most celebrated English clown. He was born in London in 1778 and died in 1837. His tomb is in the Joseph Grimaldi Park in Islington:
Address: Next to 154a Pentonville Road, between Rodney Street and Cumming Street
Nearest tube stations: King's Cross St Pancras / Angel


After The Clowns Church Service:

When the clowns leave the church they are usually kind enough to perform for the waiting public in the adjoining church hall. The performance usually lasts around an hour and is great for families.

The hall is always packed at the start but the Press do leave quite quickly and then you can enjoy a family show for free. I've sat next to clowns in the audience which has been a lovely treat too.


The Clown's Gallery:

Note: The Clown's Museum has moved out of London to Wookey Hole Caves, Wells, Somerset.

However, Holy Trinity Church is the official "Clown's Church" and has a Grimaldi corner and a small exhibition of photographs, eggs and items in three show cases. The church can be visited in order to see the exhibition on the first Friday of each month as before, but it is wise to contact Mattie Faint, the Gallery Director, beforehand in case there has been a change of dates. Mattie can be contacted on 0870 128 4336.


Also In the Area:

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