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Best Breakfasts in London


Eating out at breakfast time in London is a lot more fun than just fried food or toast. Find out where Londoners have decided you can find the best breakfasts in London. These recommendations were suggested by Londoners as they offer reasonably-priced with a selection of breakfast foods, including vegetarian choices, in a central London location. It seems a good breakfast needs to be served hot, freshly-prepared, and use quality ingredients.

A big thank you goes to to Malcolm of The London Review of Breakfasts for his help in narrowing down the long list. A true expert on this subject.

1. Regency Cafe

Regency Cafe
© Laura Porter

If you're looking for a traditional London caff, the Regency Cafe is the one for you. Here's where you should have a Full English and enjoy the more working class style of morning fare. The Regency Cafe has been in Pimlico since the 1940s and has a tiled exterior and interior.The seats are fixed and there are framed pictures on most walls, including a displays of the Tottenham Hotsput football team from the early 70s.

The food is big, hot, fast, and cheap. The kitchen shouts your order almost before you've found a seat. Closed 2.30-4pm but them open again till 7pm so great for dinner too.

Address: 17-19 Regency Street, London SW1P 4BY

2. The Wolseley

The Wolseley Tea
© Laura Porter
I love The Wolseley as it's so grand. The high ceiling and chandeliers are stunning and the decor is striking, but not stark, with black lacquered wood and natural marble.

It's best to book a table as, although it's a large venue, it's always busy. The service is impeccable and the food is always delicious. I sometimes go just for a pot of tea as it's a lovely way to start the day. Or I might have crumpets, or a pastry, or boiled egg and 'soldiers', or Eggs Benedict. Breakfast is served till 11.30 but the restaurant remains open all day and evening. Whatever time you go you will be made to feel very special indeed.

3. Sacred

Sacred Cafe
© Laura Porter

Sacred is run by two New Zealanders looking to recreate an Antipodean style of cafe in London. A New Zealander told me, "I find the UK's general lack of breakfast/brunch places – and a menu which goes outside of fried food – to be quite disappointing – and it's even worse if you leave London."

Thankfully Sacred can step up to the mark here and "the coffee and food is fantastic." They have branches across London. Expect to find muesli, bagels, scrambled eggs on toast. Open all day.

4. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club can be found in Soho, Hoxton, and Islington (Angel) and all branches received praise. BC "is brilliant – reasonably priced, huge selection of food and great atmosphere." "Cheap, cool, relaxed. And the grub's great!" "They also do take away, there's plenty of healthy and not so healthy stuff, great music and always friendly staff." Open all day.

5. Balans

Balans Old Compton Street
© Laura Porter
Balans is "good and dependable." The Soho cafe on Old Compton Street is open 24 hours. There are two branches in Soho and other branches across London. If you have a Balans card, you can get 2 for 1 deals. The menu includes porridge, pastries, burritos, pancakes and a Full English, so something for everyone. Quite large venues and funky interiors. All open all day.

6. Carluccio's

Anthony Carluccio is an icon of Italian dining in London. There are Carluccio cafes across London and they aim to provide quality, authentic Italian food at sensible prices. They definitely meet the criteria for this list as they are all about excellent service in an informal, yet busy environment. They were recommended as having "quick service if needed, several locations and good tasting, quality food." Open all day and evening.

7. Blandford's

© Laura Porter
"The best breakfast has to be at Blandford's on Chiltern Street in Marylebone, just off Baker Street. It's a traditional cafe, which is a dying breed in London these days. You can get a full English for just £5.50, in a superb, relaxed cafe, where hardened cab drivers rub shoulders with amorous couples and the well bred elite of W1."

Be warned, service is slow. And surly. The owner wears super-tight jeans and a skinny white vest - always - and doesn't seem to want to serve you, yet people love this place.

8. Fleet River Bakery

Fleet River Bakery
© Laura Porter
Yes, they do actually bake on the premises so there are lots of lovely fresh muffins and croissants. The scrambled eggs are also noteworthy.

Fleet River Bakery is behind Holborn station is on the edge of Lincoln's Inn Fields. They have comfy chairs, offer Monmouth Coffee, and are open all day. Takeaway available.

9. Lantana

Lantana is an Australian-run cafe so you can get your 'flat white' and 'baked eggs' (popular orders). I was told "this place is definitely the best place for breakfast" and although it's small, it has a nice atmosphere. Service isn't always the fastest but hopefully that will improve making the varied breakfast menu even more appealing. Open all day.
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