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London Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas from London


Here are some ideas to help you chose the perfect gift for someone who loves London.

If your London-lover is also fond of travel these Travel Accessories Under 50 US Dollars will also help solve your gift buying dilemmas.

1. Scottevest Clothing

Scottevest Chloe Hoodie
I have absolutely fallen in love with Scottevest travel clothing. It's great style with a gazillion hidden pockets! I've worn my SCOTTEVEST Women's SeV Chloe Hoodie every day for a year and it still looks great. My SCOTTEVEST Women's Trench Coat always gets me compliments and my SCOTTEVEST Women's Lightweight Vest is immensely practical when I need to carry lots and be hands-free.

For readers in the UK who want to save on international shipping, the men's travel vest and women's travel vest are available on Amazon.

2. Walk The Lines

Walk the Lines book
Mark Mason made the decision to walk the route of all the London Underground tube lines but at street level. It's an entertaining read with lots of insights to the areas he passes through with plenty to trivia notes for the real London enthusiast.

3. London Garden A-Z

London Garden Book A-Z by Abigail Willis
This isn't a book listing fancy gardens full of completely unobtainable ideas to the average gardener. No, The London Garden Book A-Z reminds us how much gardens and gardening mean to city dwellers.

Abigail Willis's excellent research includes the conservatory used in the Beatles 1966 'Paperback Writer' pop promo and the street garden classed as a rooftop garden as it is on top of an underground car park.

4. Fun London Maps

London Sticker Map
© Laura Porter
Add the landmarks and attractions yourself with the Guy Fox London Sticker Map. It's not just for the kids as you can test your London knowledge too.

The Adventure Walks London Map is a pocket-sized fold-out map with beautiful illustrations and 20 sightseeing London walks suitable for families.

5. London Travel Guide Books

DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 London Travel Guidebook

There are plenty of London travel guides to choose from so check out this list of reviews: London Travel Guide Books.

David Long London Books: David Long has a wealth of knowledge about London and knows some fantastic trivia facts. His books makes great gifts - but buy two copies as they are hard to give away!

6. 'Get Into London Theatre' offers

Get Into London Theatre logo
© Get Into London Theatre

Get Into London Theatre offers fantastic theater ticket deals from £10 on over 45 top London shows so there should be something for everyone this Xmas. Booking opens at www.GetintoLondonTheatre.co.uk in December for performances from January to mid-February making theater tickets the ideal Xmas gift for friends and family.

With tickets from just £10, Get Into London Theatre (GILT) is the perfect opportunity to experience the magic of theater without feeling the 'GILT.' (Gilt/guilt, geddit?)

You might also want to read How To Get Cheap London Theatre Tickets.

7. Get a Bargain at a London Hotel

The Cumberland Hotel London - Exterior View

Superbreak.com (buy direct) are the experts in providing short breaks in London and often have deals which include theater tickets or visitor attractions. A recent search on their site found four star hotels for under £50 a night!

8. British Museum Gift Shop

British Museum
© Laura Porter

The British Museum's world famous collection means their gift shop is a treasure trove of gifts, books, recognized replicas, art prints, stunning jewelry and more. You can shop online for gifts for the whole family.

9. Give Fancy Chocolates

Hotel Chocolat (buy direct) produce luxury chocolates and have many gift ideas to help you choose. It is a British-owned company who has been committed to producing real, authentic chocolate for over ten years. Their success has a lot to do with the quality ingredients they use – they even have their own cocoa plantation, Rabot Estate, in the West Indies.

10. Viator Gift Certificate

Viator Gift Certificates are 100% flexible. You can use them to purchase any of the 4,500+ tours and activities on their website and can buy them to spend in a variety of currencies. I've used Viator to book tickets to London attractions such as the London Eye. If you're trying to think of a Christmas gift for a friend who enjoys traveling then a Viator gift certificate (buy direct) would be a welcome gift. Planning & booking before you travel will save valuable time when you're here.

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