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UK Chocolate Bars Vs US Chocolate Bars


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UK Kit Kat Vs US Kit Kat
UK and UK Kit Kat Chocolate Bars

UK and UK Kit Kat Chocolate Bars

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The same name but are the UK and US Kit Kat chocolate bars really the same?

First Impressions
The Kit Kats looked pretty similar so it would have to be done to a taste test.

The UK Kit Kat was crispier and very mouthwatering. The US Kit Kat had a gritty taste, and undertones of powdered milk and was certainly not mouthwatering.

The Winner
A clear winner here for the UK Kit Kat.

The Overall Results
Only one US chocolate bar beat the UK equivalent (Milky Way was better than the UK Mars) but overall, the UK chocolate bars got the thumbs up.

The favorite with the whole group was the UK Crunchie.
Second place went to the UK Kit Kat.

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