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A Walk Around Charles Dickens' London - Book Review

Pocket-Sized Walking Tours

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Old Curiosity Shop, London

Old Curiosity Shop, London

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Louis' London Walks produce a series of pocket-sized books on themed, self-guided London walking tours at pocket money prices (under £5.00).

Book Format

The books are printed on quality glossy paper that survived being held in the rain while I walked around London. The books easily fit in your pocket making them a great size for a walking tour. There are no pictures but the text is laid out well in two colors to make it easy to identify directions and then information about a place of interest in a box.

The walking tour is divided into two stages with clear, simplified maps for each stage.

Good Research

Charles Dickens Coffee Shop, London

Charles Dickens Coffee Shop

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Even if you can't take the Charles Dickens London Walk I think the book is still worth buying as it has lots of interesting facts about Charles Dickens and places of significance to him in in London. The walk took me to places I'd never been to before and allowed me to revisit streets I haven't seen for years.

The book was first published in 2001 and I tried the tour in 2008. A few changes have happened but the basic tour was still valid.

Tour Highlights

Recommended Book

Charles Dickens Museum, London

Charles Dickens Museum

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I really enjoyed this walk and I learned so much about Charles Dickens from this book. I didn't know Dickens frequented Rules, London's oldest restaurant. I discovered there's even a room named after him there.

I didn't know there was a Charles Dickens Coffee House in Covent Garden or that there are Roman Baths tucked down a secret alley off The Strand.

I didn't get to see the Old Curiosity Shop open but I was thrilled to go into Lincoln's Inn - a private area of historic buildings, dating back to the 14th century. I've never dared walk in before but I am pleased to say no-one stopped me. I believe as long as you're respectful of the fact it's a working area for lawyers they don't mind visitors coming in.

The second half of the tour led me out of the City of London and into Bloomsbury. I was introduced to Dickens' "oasis of tranquility" just off High Holborn and I agree it was a good spot to stop and relax.

The tour ends at the Charles Dickens Museum which is well worth a visit.

If Dickens interests you, you may well want to see the temporary exhibition at the Museum of London (on till 10 June 2012): Dickens and London.

Nearby Attractions

You may well also enjoy a day trip from London to visit Dickens World.

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