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SCOTTEVEST Women's SeV Chloe Hoodie Review

Travel Clothing You Can Wear Every Day

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Scottevest Hoodie
The SCOTTEVEST Women's SeV Chloe hoodie is a fine introduction to their travel clothing as it's cute and stylish while also being practical with it's amazing 13 pockets!

Scottevest produce great travel clothing but realize we don't all want to look like we're on safari but would like the practical aspect of lots of pockets, when visiting a city or even for everyday wear.

I'll be upfront now and say I really like Scottevest clothing and have already reviewed the SCOTTEVEST Women's Trench Coat and the SCOTTEVEST Women's Lightweight Vest and even though I love these items, the one I'm refusing to take off is my Chloe hoodie.

Describe It

The Chloe hoodie is made of 100% Poly Microfleece which means its soft and warm. It's machine washable and dries super-fast too which is why I've hardly missed a day wearing the hoodie since it arrived.

To make it even more snuggly, there are plush fleece cuffs, hood lining and inside the hand pockets. I'm not a girly-girl but I chose the elephant grey hoodie with its pink lining and I'm really happy with it. The hoodie also comes in black with black lining so you can still be all dark, if preferred. You can wear it with folded back cuffs to show the (contrasting) plush fleece lining or leave the sleeves long and use the thumb-holes for warm hands too!

The main zipper is the same colour as the hoodie and has no end so you can zip yourself in completely! I'm not sure if that will ever be necessary but it is nice to pull it up high around your neck, and it stays, to keep you warm.

With the other Scottevest items I own, I'd ordered the next size up thinking I'd need to do that as I was concerned I wouldn't be able to fill the pockets and wear the clothing comfortably. It wasn't necessary and this time I ordered the right size (according to the Scottevest size chart on their site) and I'm pleased I did as the hoodie feels like it was made just for me.

Friends ask to see this amazing hoodie I've been talking about, thinking it'll look like travel clothing, and then they are amazed that it's the one I'm wearing and that's why I'm not carrying a bag most days!


X-ray view of the Scottevest Chloe Hoodie

X-ray view of the Scottevest Chloe Hoodie

Okay, they say the hoodie has 13 pockets so let's check.
  • On the outside there are two deep hand pockets which can be closed with a zip. The zip is the same colour as the lining and doesn't feel cold or rough which is a great bonus for cold hands. There's that lovely plush fleece lining on one side and the side against your body is normal lining fabric. Inside one of these pockets is an extendible, removable key holder. This doesn't have to be removed for washing and mine has survived many washes already. There's also a small velcro-closed pocket to hold a lipsalve/lipstick. Over to the other deep hand pocket and there also another small velcro-closed pocket in there which could be used for loose change. I've not been using these mini-pockets as this time I'm not sure if the lining is strong enough for me to be pulling these open and closed all day long. Note, these pockets are on the normal lining fabric side. So that's four pockets weve counted and with the zipped-up hand pockets there would be no way to know the hoodie has so much going on inside.
  • Moving inside, there's a pen pocket on each side and the Personal Area Network (PAN) system which keeps your earphones tangle free as it threads through the clothing and into BudBuckets: an earbud pocket on each side. What's the point of having your earphones if you've not got your mp3 player/phone so there's a zipped pocket for this with internal access to the lead so no need to leave a pocket undone.
  • The internal pockets have handy labels suggesting what could go inside such as the eyeglasses zipped pocket which I use for my sunglasses (London weather is eternally unpredicatable) and there's even a chamois cloth on a fixed-in elastic cord so I don't take it out and forget to replace it.
  • The last pocket on this side is the zipped pocket for a digital camera and I tried this out for a few weeks when I reviewed the Canon Ixus 230 HS. I was thrilled the camera was stored safely yet it was really quick to access. Within the camera pocket there's another lining pocket for a spare memory card and there's a button hole but I've not yet worked out what this is for.
  • On the other side there are two pockets. One is for travel documents and I've used it for passports and boarding passes with no problems. Then there's a deep inside pocket that's big enough to hold an iPad, Kindle or small netbook. Not having these high tech items, I used this for more travel documents: printed itineraries, etc.

So, let's count up the pockets: two handwarmer pockets and two internal pockets (four), two pen pockets (six), two earbud pockets (eight), glasses pocket (nine), camera pocket with memory card pocket (eleven), travel documents pocket (twelve) and deep iPad pocket (thirteen). They weren't joking!

Weight Management System
When all the pockets are loaded you may think you'd feel bulky or lopsided but there's an inbuilt Weight Management System in the shoulders so the weight is evenly distributed.

Traveling or Everyday
I'm using the Chloe hoodie for everyday casual wear and am not always using all the pockets but I have tried filling them all for overseas travel and found it a huge benefit at security checks as I could simply remove my hoodie and didn't have loads of loose change, keys, phone, lipsalve, etc. in one of those small trays for the scanner as everything was held inside the hoodie.

Security In A City
In London we are advised to keep our valuables in zipped pockets and pickpockets don't stand a chance with this many secure pockets. A bag is much easier to snatch than an item of clothing you are wearing.

I'll admit I don't want to take my Chloe hoodie off ever again - I really do love it! It's a perfect introduction to Scottevest clothing and is so comfortable I'm happy to wear it all the time and not just when traveling. You can get a second opinion from Gear Diary who have also reviewed the Chloe hoodie.

Disclosure: Review item was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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